AfPS 2018 Panelists’ Profiles: Mr Osak U. Andrew

IMG_20180603_195626_429.jpgMr Uwubanmwen a community and an industrial Pharmacist as well as an Entrepreneur has a passion for pharmaceutical marketing and a gift for solving his patient’s clinical problems. A public speaker, writer, innovator and an investor with several investments in health, agriculture and food processing, Osak as he is fondly known, has several publications to his name, one of which is a book on safety.

Mr Uwubanmwen has a rich work history spanning over 20 years. As the president and Founder of Eureka Prescription Inc. Canada, he is also the COO of O’Fin Doka Herbal Products Canada, CEO of Zonlitch Santé Limited Nigeria, CEO of Shop Drug Mart Nigeria, a medical representative Sandoz Phormaceutcals in 1996, a Youth Corp member in Kaduna in 1994, a Pharmacist Intern in 1993 at the University of Benin, the list is just endless.

In addition to his work experiences, his education and training is impeccable. With a soon expected master’s degree in Business Administration from the Roehampton University London, Mr Uwubanmwen has an Injection Certification from Safeway Training Centre Calgary, a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Benin to mention but a few.

Furthermore, Oask loves to give back to the community as can be seen with his volunteer experience with various charities and religious organizations. His affiliation to several professional bodies like the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, the Alberta College of Pharmacists, International Pharmaceutical Federation, Canadian Pharmacists association etc. goes to show his professional experience as well as connections. He is also the first African to win the federation of International Pharmacists YPG award for Professional Innovation in 2005 in Cairo Egypt.
We are proud to have him as one of our panelists at the upcoming AfPS 2018.


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