Pharm. Adebisi Adenipekun: A brief Bio


Adebisi is the co-founder/CEO of and the founder of Lighthouse Global Health Initiative (LGHI) which envisions a world where vulnerable populations (especially adolescents, women and rural/slum dwellers) lead healthy and productive lives. Through LGHI’s platform, Adebisi and his team have implemented public health campaigns which include the “Rural Contraceptives Access Campaign”, “Rural Empowerment and Health Promotion Project” for rural dwellers, “Your Health First Campaign” targeted at empowering domestic workers, and “SaveTheCervix campaign” for reduction in burden of cervical cancer in Nigeria.
As a member of the National Technical Working Group on Adolescent Health and Development in Nigeria, he was part of the team that developed the “National Training Manual on Peer-To-Peer Youth Health Education” and was a facilitator on the Federal Ministry of Health’s G-WIN Peer-to-Peer Project. Adebisi was a recipient of Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health/Bill and Melinda Gates Institute’s scholarship to attend the 3rd International Conference on Family Planning in 2013.
Adebisi’s family planning voices interview was featured on both 2016 International Youth Day and World Contraception Day. He was a youth speaker at the 4th Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark and a non-state actor delegate to 2017 World Health Assembly.
Adebisi is a Women Deliver Young Leader, 2016 World Contraception Day Ambassador, 2017 Unleash SDG talents health category gold award winner and 2017 award winner of 120 under 40 new generation of family planning leaders.
Adebisi trained as a pharmacist and is currently a master of public health candidate and would be a guest panelist on “Innovation” at AfPS 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria.


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