LAGOS, AfPS 2018 & the 10th Anniversary



Lagos, the smallest state in Nigeria is set to welcome to it, the largest gathering of Pharmacy students and graduates in Africa. The city fondly known as Eko is known for its buzzing nature and is recognised as one of the fastest growing cities of the world.
Located on the south-western part of Nigeria, Lagos is known for its numerous beautiful beaches and breath-taking seaside views. When you step into Lagos, there are 1001 things to do ranging from street parties, night clubs, a tour round the numerous museums, water surfing, tattoo parlours, boat rides & even unwinding at a resort while enjoying the views of the sunset, in a city that prides itself as the tourism capital of Nigeria… She’s just a beauty!

With all of these duly noted, it wasn’t a surprise when it was selected as the host city for the 7th African Pharmaceutical Symposium which coincides with the 10th IPSF AfRO anniversary celebrations.

AfPS 2018 promises to be something different as it offers something no AfPS has ever offered before… Two celebrations in one symposium; I’ll break it down.


As you arrive Lagos, Nigeria for the AfPS, you’ll be treated to a unique Leaders-In-Training exercise that would feature IPSF trained trainers from different parts of the continent who will be delivering quality leadership tips and mentorship guide to the delegates. It’s a 3 day event and the moment it’s ending, we are taking you away to the Main symposium that will be kicking off the next day.




The main symposium will be ushered in by an eventful welcome night party at the glamorous Golden Tulip Hotels which doubles as our accommodation during the AfPS. Ever partied in Lagos before? There’s a reason they say that “There’s no party like a Lagos party…” Check out “Lagos Party” by Banky W to have an idea of what it is like to party in Lagos!
The mornings of Day 2, 3 & 4 will feature a host of plenary sessions on our Subthemes: Innovation, Economy & Sustainable development and how they contribute to development of healthcare in Africa. There will be panellists from seasoned pharmacists, economists, innovators from across Africa to name a few. So, if you’re an advocator for a sustainable healthcare in Africa, this is where you shouldn’t miss a moment. In between each plenary session will give room for tea breaks and the poster presentation on the Abstracts. Yep, the first three winners for the Abstract will have the opportunity of making a presentation at the AfPS… What an amazing opportunity! Go ask our dear friends Israel Bimpe and Ekpoh Mfonobong how pulsating it feels. Not only that, there will be workshops from a few companies on Tech, Health, Research etcetera


On the nights of these days, we will be having the Nigerian Night where we showcase our different cultures, food, tribes in a night themed “Naija Spirit” which is meant to get you thinking about considering Nigeria for a double citizenship. There will also be an International night where delegates are expected to come along with items, clothes, foods etc that represent their culture. It’ll be a fun night and would serve as a good blend for different cultures. There would also be an excursion to some really cool places.. Trust me when I say they are really really cool. For a start, google Lekki Conservation Centre! Smiles  and it’s not only that.
On the last night of the AfPS, it would feature the grand 10th Anniversary celebration which is the highlight of the AfPS. We save the best for the Last, right? There will be red carpet moments, unveiling of the “Wall of Fame”, award presentations, masked ball room dance and of course, it’ll be graced by some of the old guards of AfPS. It’s a once in a life time event which will mark the end of the AfPS 2018.


But don’t be dismayed, it’s not really the end cos there’ll be a PST right after that to look forward to. We’ll be setting off to the land of many hills, mountains and waterfalls with a visit to some ancient palaces, museums in between to spice up things. Get your cameras ready, your selfie sticks packed cos it’ll be an adventure of a life time.

The only thing standing between us and this event of a lifetime is just 40 short days!!! Summer couldn’t come any quicker! AfPS 2018 will be a festival of colors.. See you in Lagos.


Iyke M. Amafili

Public Relations Officer, AfPS 2018


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