Need more information on the LIT?

LIT poster
AfPS 2018 Official LIT Poster

LiT is a program from the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) geared towards fine tuning the leadership abilities of its members to better improve our collective professional development.

In this program, there will be intensive sessions on; Project Management, Planning a Campaign, Emotional Intelligence, Team and Group Dynamics, Decision Making and Conflict Resolution amongst other topics.

Self improvement is key and LiT ensures you are well equipped for a fast changing world that demands pharmacists that are required to evolve daily. A better improved you is essential for day-to-day tasks even before being called upon to take on leadership roles.
LIT can help you achieve that!

Here are some pointers to remember about the Leaders-In-Training event to be held at the African Pharmaceutical Symposium in Lagos this June.

1. It will hold from the 14th-16th of June, 2017 as a pre event before the Main Symposium running from the 17th-22nd of June, 2018.

2. It has a sperate fee of N18,000.00 flat. There is no NOVO or FLEXI payment options for this but it covers accommodation and feeding.

3. You can opt for the LiT only after you have registered for the main symposium. You can not attend the LiT without being confirmed to attend the main symposium.

4. There are limited slots available.

To attend the main symposium, please visit http://www.afps2018/register to enroll for the event and to indicate your interest in the LiT.


Feel the #9jaSpirit!


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